General Education Program (GEP)

For General Public & School Students

Science Arts actively encourages our younger generation to get to know and understand TCM culture and its 5000 years of history, so as to pass on TCM knowledge and culture through the generations. In 2006, Science Arts hosted inaugural “TCM Cultural Camp” initiated by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Nearly a hundred students and teachers from higher institutions participated in this event. Through this event, they learnt basic TCM knowledge such as chinese herbs, acupuncture, tuina massage and TCM diet therapy etc.
Students displayed a deep interest in TCM culture and the event was very well received, Science Arts continue to provide opportunities to learn the invaluable knowledge of TCM through educational activities.

Training focus:

  • TCM public talks to promote healthy lifestyle
  • TCM introductory programmes to promote TCM culture in schools
  • TCM wellness programmes to promote health education in communities and clubs