Continual Education Program (CEP)

For TCM Professionals

In recent years, TCM has developed rapidly, with a significant increase in the number TCM practitioners in Singapore. In order for TCM professionals to keep up with new developments and enhance their skills, continual studies are required. Science Arts has conducted over 15 professional TCM training courses in the last 5 years. Highly experienced specialists and professors were engaged as lecturers for the courses which have seen over 400 participants.

The courses conducted include, “TCM Bone Injury Massage (Tui-na) Techniques”, “Paediatric Massage Therapy”, “Learning Journey – Shan Dong” etc.

These courses were very well received and have also attracted participation of many TCM enthusiasts.

Training Focus:

  • To provide series of enrichment programmes on specialized TCM topics to TCM physicians and interested parties
  • To provide an international academic platform for the exchange of TCM research and studies