The Birth of Science Arts TCM College

About Science Arts Pte Ltd

Science Arts Pte Ltd is a home grown Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company with 40 years of history. While manufacturing and retailing of branded and proprietary TCM products are the core business of the company, it also provides medical and healthcare services. It is the strength of the company as both arms support each other in the business development. As such, it benefits the company as well as consumers. In addition, it is also Science Arts’ philosophy to diffuse TCM culture and values across racial and cultural, social and national boundaries. It also seeks to promote public health as one of its key business aims.

A Brief History

The founders of Science Arts are well-versed with the history of TCM in Singapore. They could see TCM’s potential as a trusted medical and healthcare solution for many Chinese in Singapore. As people are getting more affluent, many could afford and would rely on TCM for medical and healthcare solutions. In 1990s, the value of TCM as a prospective healthcare alternative has gained wider recognition amongst Singaporeans, and hence the corresponding increase in the demand for TCM services. The government’s passing of legislations to regulate the sale and manufacturing of TCM products and the practice of TCM is a further booster and has further enhanced public confidence in TCM as an alternative medical and healthcare service. Accompanying this is the heavier social responsibilities being imposed upon TCM businesses and TCM practitioners. To stay relevant and to maintain competition among the peers, TCM practitioners need to continuously update their own professional knowledge and upgrade their clinical skills in order to provide better and more effective medical services for their customers.

A Focus On Public Education

Through years’ of experience, the management of Science Arts recognized the necessity to raise public appreciation and confidence in TCM to enable it to continue to flourish and provide quality service for the people. They saw the need for making available continuing education to help the TCM industry raise its overall value and standard of services. To enhance public awareness, Science Arts has embarked on a series of public education programmes on TCM culture through various channels of communication,

Since 1990s, it has organized more than 100 public talks and seminars on traditional Chinese medicine and healthcare at various organizations. Through open and unreserved dialogues between TCM experts and the audience, scientific information and knowledge of TCM and its roles in promoting individual’s health have been effectively disseminated. The public discussions emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper usage of TCM in boosting individual’s healthcare. The response to such public education has been overwhelming. Science Arts will include public talks and seminars as part of the college’s regular programme so that up-to-date TCM information and knowledge can be shared with the public.

Catering for Professionals

Singapore has seen fast progress in the TCM industry in terms of the rapidly increasing number of TCM practitioners graduating from local and overseas TCM institutes in recent years. To facilitate TCM practitioners in upgrading themselves in new developments and advanced knowledge in TCM through continuing education, Science Arts has in the past five years organized more than 15 training sessions for them. Experts and professors with tremendous experience in TCM and clinical skills were engaged to conduct the lectures. No fewer than 400 TCM practitioners participated in the sessions. Courses offered include “Preparatory course for TCM registration examination”, “Physiotherapy in TCM orthopedic”, “Bone diagnosis”, “Physiotherapy in bone diagnosis”, “Essential nutrients and supplements for human body”, “X-ray diagnosis and Physiotherapy in treatment of bone injury”, “Tui-na for family”, etc. These courses have met with good response and attracted many non-practitioners, showing that ordinary public is also keen to learn the skills of TCM in treating certain common illnesses.

Partnering with Schools

In addition, Science Arts has devoted much effort in encouraging young students to get themselves familiar with the TCM, a Chinese culture with 5000 years of history, through actual learning experience. In 2006, the company hosted the TCM Camp, an activity initiated by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. About one hundred teachers and students from Raffles Junior College, Raffles Girls’ School, Dunman high School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Nanyang Girls’ High School, and Hwa Chong Institution attended the one-day workshop. They learned the basic knowledge about Chinese medicine and their efficacy as well as treatments administered by TCM practitioners, such as acupuncture and tui-na (message). They also demonstrated great interest in TCM. Hence, to sustain continued awareness and interest, in house appreciation sessions have been conducted for schools ever since. With the setting up of the TCM College, such familiarization education for students of all levels will be included in the College’s schedule as a regular programme, to provide opportunity for more students to embrace the TCM culture.

Corporates Collaborations

Science Arts also collaborates with other organizations to further promote the culture and values of TCM. In July 2008, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Beijing Tong Ren Tong Singapore (Science Arts) Pte Ltd and the Confucius Institute, NTU. Under which, the two organizations will strive to encourage an active learning environment by jointly organizing a series of public talks and short courses on TCM and body-wellness. The programmes to be conducted by TCM professors and experts, in both Chinese and English, will cover the fundamentals of TCM, including brief introduction to the theory and practice of TCM, principles and therapeutic techniques or treatment used in the profession, introduction to common herbs and their respective essential characteristics and healing properties, etc.

The Birth of Science Arts TCM College

Science Arts has come a long way in promoting TCM culture. It has accumulated rich experience and advance knowledge in TCM. Over the years, the company has engaged many experienced TCM experts and professors to work with the company and its healthcare centre. They have contributed to the building up of a wealth of valuable knowledge of TCM and clinical skills. Such dedication and better TCM knowledge have enabled Science Arts to plan for a TCM training institute in 2006. It hopes that through a more systematically planned and well-administered institution, it can offer better courses for the benefit of TCM practitioners who desire to upgrade their clinical skills and professionalism. By the same token, talks and seminars for the public as well as programmes for the young will also be offered as part of the founders’ ambition to promote TCM culture.

Science Arts’ dream of setting up a TCM college has been fulfilled after years of planning and hard work of its team. The College will now assume its important role as the promoter of TCM culture amongst all social facets and ethnic community groups. It will actively engage itself in conducting continuing and special training courses for TCM practitioners. It will also organize talks and seminars for members of the public; and run TCM appreciation programmes to nurture the young.